Serena & Kira – Young Innocent Love

Once you had a dream, you were walking through a field in the country, far away from your city life, just thinking to yourself about how fast things are moving… dreaming of a simpler life.

Suddenly you notice something moving in the opening ahead and you catch a glimpse of the two most beautiful blond girls you have ever seen, they don’t seem to notice you as they are lost in their own little world. You hide and just enjoy the spectacle developing in front of you, two young, incredibly sexy naked women, their tight bodies just yearning for each others touch, their small breasts showing the firmness of youth, their almost completely shaved nakedness giving you a view that draws your eyes to two firm butts and long slender legs.

Serena and Kira, just barely into their twenties know that you are there, they just don’t care, they have finally dropped their inhibitions and are exploring each other from head to toe, while spending plenty of time in between. Serena and Kira are lost in the innocence of young love.

Photographer Ingret brings the simple, basic sexuality that the good European Erotic shooters seem to have mastered, and Met-Art seems to have found Ingret, Enjoy!

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